Have you had gout for a longer period of time?

Have you had gout for a longer period of time?

Did you just have your first gout attack?

Did you just have your first gout attack?

Give the gift of a membership to a loved one.

Give the gift of a membership to a loved one.

Hello. Welcome to our new membership website.

We are an association committed to helping you overcome your struggle with gout.


Uric acid testing should be added to the routine annual screening of those patients with BMI’s 28 or over to avoid the onset of Gout. If the results for uric acid are 9 mg per 100mL, the patient should be managed aggressively to avoid this disease. Results in one study in Michigan indicated that those patients with uric acid results over 9 mg developed gout 100% of the time over 4 years.

Disease management protocols should be developed for the management of the gout patient including but not limited to health coaching, nutritional counseling, exercise programs, scheduled lab testing, and physician visits.

More gout related research in both the clinical and basic sciences areas should be funded and performed.

Awareness and training on gout by emergency room and primary care providers should be provided.

Awareness of gout and its symptoms by the general population should be provided.


Annual Membership Fee

To be a member of the Gout Survivors Association, there is an annual fee of $30. This money will go toward funding research on gout, contracting with dietitians and physical trainers to provide diets and exercise plans to keep us healthier, to improve this web site, and to cover the other expenses in keeping this association healthy and thriving.

Where your membership fee goes:

  • Research 40%

  • Admin 20%

  • Diet & Exercise 15%

  • Web & IT 15%

  • Medical Direction 10%


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When to turn to daily medicine for gout like allopurinol or Uloric to prevent or limit future acute attacks of gout? Should it be after the first attack. Some doctors recommend this? Should it be after the second or third attack. Some doctors recommend this and we concur. Should it be after 10 or 20 [...]

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Executive Director
Harry Pukay-Martin
Email: harry@goutsurvivors.com

Dietary Director
Beverly J. Maselli, MA, RD, LD
Email: beverly@goutsurvivors.com

Medical Director
Michael G. Bissell, MD, PhD, MPH
Email: michael@goutsurvivors.com

Web Director
Kasey Snider
Email: kasey@goutsurvivors.com

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